SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

SD cards come in a number of different shapes and sizes: typically, they are one of four card types and three card sizes. Created in 1999, they contain electrical contacts inside the device, which preserve the data and are difficult to access from the outside when handled for usual card use. This makes SD cards generally reliable and rare to malfunction. They do, however, experience failure on occasion.SD Card Data Recovery sd card data recovery SD Card Data Recovery SD Card Data Recovery NYC 300x200

Before you diagnose your SD card with a failure to function, you can perform a perfunctory examination to ensure that there is a true issue. Wipe the SD card well with a clean cloth and then make sure that you are holding it in the right direction. SD cards are created with an asymmetrical shape, so that one side slants upwards and it is easy to tell which side should be inserted into the device. Check the picture and make sure that you are putting the card in in the proper direction.

Once you have attempted this check, if you find that the SD card is still not working properly, then is the time to contact a professional for servicing.

We service SD cards for issues pertaining to:

-Accidental deletion

-Card not recognized by device

-Corrupt data storage

-Error messages

-Heat damage

-Lost data

-Missing data

-Water damage

What is an SD card?

SD cards are small, compact, memory-storage devices that can be inserted into a number of different electronic devices to provide portable data-saving abilities. SD cards can be used in conjunction with cameras, PCs, laptops and a number of other devices. SD cards are a convenient way to add additional memory ability to devices while retaining portability; they also allow easy transfer of memory from one device to another, especially in the case of no internet access.

SD stands for Secure Digital, and was developed as a joint effort between Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk in an effort to improve the existing memory standard, which was a multimedia card.

As with any memory saving device, it is always a good idea to back up the data from your SD card onto a secondary source.

Experiencing an SD card failure? Reach out to a DR 47 representative today to restore your card and regain your data.