RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

With a RAID system, you are one step ahead of the game when it comes to data protection. A RAID data storage system is widely considered to be one of the most reliable and respectable data storage solutions there are, which is why it is rare to be experiencing an issue in the first place. But when an issue does occur, the loss of data is no less devastating than from any other storage device.Raid Data Recovery Dallas Arlington Garland Grapevine Mansfield raid data recovery RAID Data Recovery RAID Data Recovery NYC Miami Dallas Philadelphia Fort Worth 300x232

RAID issues should not be tackled alone; and indeed, due to the unique nature of these devices, a restoration should only be attempted by an expert who is proficient specifically in RAID repairs.

We service RAID data issues with regard to:

-Electronic power surges

-Media surface contamination


-Physical impact

-Power failure

-RAID controller corruption

-Software damage

-Water damage


What is RAID data storage?

RAID was developed in order to combat the issue of data loss altogether. A RAID system, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a data storage system that utilizes multiple disks in one cohesive storage unit that acts as a backup storage device for itself, with each disk containing identical data to the other disks in the system. By working as a single unit, RAID systems are significantly faster and more reliable than comparable devices.

RAID machinery is demarcated by the number system, with numbers starting at 0 and going up from there. The higher the number, the greater the capability for memory storage and the less the chance of failure.

A RAID system was built so that the disks should have the capability to protect each other from failure. While they are interconnected, they have a fail-safe mechanism so that if one disk malfunctions, the others compensate for the error. This, naturally, means that it is unusual for a RAID system to experience a full failure, but it is possible.

Experiencing a RAID system failure? Reach out to a Data Recovery specialist today to help restore your RAID system to capability and regain your data.