Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

If you had to pick only one type of device to keep and use on a daily basis, for most people, the obvious choice would likely be their mobile phone. With the capability to make phone calls, access the internet, take pictures and store a generous amount of data, it is no wonder that many people have come to rely on their mobile phones as a one-stop-shop.Mobile Phone Data Recovery Dallas Irving Richardson Plano McKinney mobile phone data recovery Mobile Phone Data Recovery mobile phone data recovery company NYC DC Philadelphia Miami Dallas 300x214

However, the constant and frequent usage of mobile phones also makes them more susceptible to damage than many other devices. Because mobile phones are being handled on a regular basis, they are more likely to be dropped and suffer impact damage, as well as mishandled or subject to water or heat damage. Additionally, the portable nature of mobile phones is such that they are the device of chance when on-the-go or without other devices; this also increases the chances that the data saved on a mobile phone will not be backed up, because the other devices may not be accessible at the time that the mobile phone is in use.

When a mobile phone is not working properly or the stored data is inaccessible, it is certainly worrisome, but it is not cause for alarm. Often, the data is easily recoverable.

We service mobile phone issues with regard to:

-Device corruption

-File deletion


-Missing data

-Photo deletion

-Physical impact

-Water damage


What is considered a mobile device?

A mobile device is the umbrella term for any type of handheld computer. With the capabilities of today’s cell phones, most mobile phones fall under the category of a mobile device.

While you may think of photos when you consider the storage usage of your mobile phone, in actuality, your phone stores much more information than you may realize. Contact numbers and addresses, text messages, picture and video files, apps, and even GPS coordinates are all collected in your mobile phone, and the loss of data can affect all or one of the above.

When it comes to mobile phone data loss, many users are reluctant to turn their device to an expert because they simply can’t imagine going about their day-to-day activities without their phone on hand. At Data Recovery 47, we understand that your mobile device, as well as oftentimes, your other devices, as well, is an essential part of your daily functionality and we do our utmost to have your device ready with a fast turnaround time.

Experiencing mobile phone data loss? Reach out to DR 47 for Mobile phone data recovery and to know about your options in restoring your data today.