Five Things To Consider When Losing Your Data.

Five Things To Consider When Losing Your Data.


What To Do When You Lose Your Data

Losing your data can be a very destabilizing occurrence. One moment you are content and arranging your document folder on your personal computer and the next, you are accidentally clicking on a popup which clears the whole thing. Or you accidentally press something which deletes all your pictures, songs and videos on your phone. These unfortunate occurrences often come with some physical pain in the chest region.


The good news though is, there can be a data recovery. In order to recover your lost data, here are some actions you should and should not take.

1. Don’t touch anything

After you realize you’ve accidentally lost your data, to increase the chances of data recovery, do not touch anything else. This is because frantically using your device could cause you to worsen the situation, resulting in a permanent loss of your data. 

2. Take a moment to understand the situation

If you fidget, you might only make the situation worse. Take a moment to understand the actions you took which led to the loss of your data. When you do this, it makes it easier for you to find a solution. And even though you can’t find a solution yourself, recognition of this action can help you avoid a repetition in future.

3. Check your backups

To avoid a total loss of data, ensure you keep backups of your data. If you have backups on another system, iCloud, or an external drive, data recovery will be much easier. 

4. Reach out to a professional

If you aren’t a specialist in IT, the best option is to find someone who is. A professional will understand what went wrong and will know the best data recovery steps to take. Ensure that when you find a professional, you share every action you took which resulted in your loss of data. 

5.Avoid panicking

Panicking after a data loss will most likely cause you more harm than good. When you panic, you might end up dropping your phone/laptop or select more phone options which could result in a permanent loss of your data. Despite the urgency of the situation, bear in mind that panicking will not help you solve the problem.

Bottom line

To increase your chances of data recovery, exercise caution and logic in your reaction to a data loss. And ensure you find yourself an data recovery service!

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