Data Recovery Saves The Day Once Again: A Scary Western Digital Drive Story

Data Recovery Saves The Day Once Again: A Scary Western Digital Drive Story

Data recovery Saves The Day Once Again: A Scary Western Digital Drive Story

The wedding was amazing, I mean, we had never seen anything quite so magical. Mum was ecstatic but was a little worried about the expenses, “do they still have anything left in their savings?” she chimed to me now and then. I did my best to reassure her that Nancy was the responsible one between us two and that I was pretty sure she had nothing to worry about.

When she wasn’t giving herself a heart attack, our dear old Ma was living her best life via dad’s new digital camera; you could have sworn she was making preparations to make an award-winning documentary on glamorous weddings. I must say, Nancy and James really went all out on this wedding.

I soon took over from mom with the pictures, my sister looked absolutely breathtaking on her special day, and I was hell-bent on making sure I caught all those wonderful smiles. She was off the market, but these pictures would make a great album on her facebook still. I was just helping out the official cameraman, taking great photos he missed (or I think I was)

Like with most tales with a great beginning, the ending isn’t always quite as smile-worthy. Spent and totally exhausted from the intense excitement of the day and not forgetting my cake eating frenzy (I am the worst to take to parties!), all I needed was to drop straight into bed and sleep for at least a year, showering was out of the question!

The next morning I had to pack for my trip back home. Yeah I know, all great times must come to an end, and then I remembered the pictures. I needed to send them to my parent’s computer so I could get them on my western digital drive.

Everything was going ideally until after I was done sending the pictures to my western digital drive. I realized that something was wrong. I still don’t know if it was from the pictures or just my bad luck, but my western digital drive had crashed. I was near losing my mind, what exactly did I know about data recovery?!

Between trying to comprehend what to do about the work data I had just lost and trying not to lose my mind because of all the work data I had just lost, I tried to calm down and let myself think for a bit.

I once came across an article that gave tips on what to do when your hard drive crashes and you lose essential data. I quickly remembered that one of the main tips was to stay calm, not to try and DIY the data recovery process yourself and finally to contact a reputable data recovery expert or firm to help diagnose the situation and work the data recovery process.

I am typically tech clueless and I couldn’t think of any data recovery firm to go to. I then put a call to my very tech savvy cousin, and that’s how I found data recovery 47.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted Brendan, my cousin. A few days passed, and I finally got my western digital drive back and guess what? Everything was intact; the data recovery endeavor was worthwhile!

How data recovery 47 did it? I had no clue, but boy was I grateful!

That epic wedding weekend would have gotten permanently ruined if I didn’t get in touch with data recovery 47.

The main thing to take away from this piece is that when it comes to data recovery, you need a data recovery expert.

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