Data Recovery Dallas Clean Room Cost.

Data Recovery Dallas Clean Room Cost.

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Dallas and the cost? 

In choosing the best data recovery Dallas services, you should focus your efforts on finding companies that have certified clean rooms. Clean environments are vital for servicing hard drives that have suffered physical damage. 

When a hard drive case is opened, the delicate platters inside are exposed to dust, dirt, and debris which can stick themselves to the surface areas. This means more corruption of files and continued damage to the hard drive itself. That makes it more difficult to recover the data that may be trapped on the hard drive.

Clean Room Cost.

It really depends on the job some clean room jobs can be $750 and some can be over $2000.It depends on usually how bad of shape the platter is and the number of head exchanges.

What is a Certified Clean Room?

This is a room or area that has not only been cleaned but uses air filters and safe practices to minimize the presence of small, airborne particles. Such areas are usually restricted to those who wear clean gowns and shoe coverings that are free of particles. Only essential personnel enter the clean room or area and they must be properly trained to minimize the potential contamination from outside sources. 

A clean room receives certification for meeting the following standards;

Fewer than 100 particles that are larger than 0,5 microns per cubic foot of air space

Temperature at 70 degrees F

50% Humidity 

If a room or area meets such standards, they receive a Class 100 or ISO Class 5 certification. This is not easy to achieve, but it is required for professional companies to properly service hard drives and provide for data recovery Dallas residents and business owners can trust. 

Can You Create a Clean Room?

From the many internet articles that provide tips on creating clean rooms and areas, it may seem like a snap to do it yourself. After all, if running the shower for 20 minutes can remove dust particles from the air in the bathroom, then certainly it is safe enough to open your hard drive.

The truth is that proper clean rooms require special air filtration systems along with complicated HVAC units to create the proper atmosphere. This is not something that most people can duplicate in their home. While running the shower may temporarily clean the air, it also greatly increases the humidity which leads to other issues. 

Filtering the air using traditional HVAC filters also does not work because they generally only capture the larger particles while smaller particles are still plentiful. Even if you get the temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness right, there are other factors such as outside contamination and unexpected changes in to the indoor air that can allow unwanted particles to get inside. 

This is why you need to find a professional data recovery service that not only offers a clean room, but the right personnel for the job. 

If you are seeking out the best data recovery Dallas services, then part of your search should be for those with repair facilities located in certified clean rooms. This makes an important difference in getting back lost data and repairing your hard drive. 

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