Dallas Data Recovery Company

Dallas Data Recovery Company

The Dallas-based office staff of Data Recovery 47 is a motivated team of industry experts who use their combined knowledge and skills to get the job done right.  With over three decades of experience in the data recovery field, there is no loss that this team hasn’t seen. Data loss has met its match.

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The entire Data Recovery 47 experience was created with the care for our customers at the forefront of our minds. A warm and friendly representative greets every customer with care and concern, with the knowledge that data loss can be a devastating proposition, and the utmost commitment to helping retrieve each and every bit.

When a device enters the Data Recovery office, it is treated with VIP service: our certified Clean Room keeps dust and dirt out, and ensures that each device is properly cared for along every step of the way. Top-of-the-line technology and state-of-the-art machinery move the process along efficiently and at the industry’s highest standards.

Each DR professional has a strong background in data retrieval and has been well-trained in the field, along with having many years of hands-on experience. With a remarkable track record for success, the DR formula has proven its worth many times over.

After an initial screening to determine the severity and type of damage, the restoration work begins, and is conducted in meticulous fashion. The DR mainstays of attention to detail and excellence in workmanship accompany every job. Our expert staff understands that your device is fragile and will never subject your possession to unnecessary examination or handling.

The DR process is also marked by its efficiency and timeliness. Your device is important to you, and you expect it returned in a timely manner. We get that, and that’s why we do our utmost to streamline the recovery process and get your data – and device – back to you with a quick turnaround time.

At Data Recovery 47, we’re confident that your data is just a few steps away. Give us a call to find out how you can have your data back, today.