Best of 2018 Camera Memory Cards, sd card

Best of 2018 Camera Memory Cards, sd card


Best of 2018 Camera Memory Cards, sd card

Finding the right sd card means selecting the one that is best suited to the speed and capabilities of your camera. This may be a little daunting at times because there are so many options available. From the new 4K line of video recording to other expanded capabilities, you’ll need an sd card that fits the functions of your camera well if you want to maximize its performance.

It’s easy to say that your sd card should have a large enough memory to handle the task, but there are more things to consider as well such as speed. The good news is that there are good options available this year which provide the memory capacity, speed, and other important aspects you want without breaking the bank. What follows are just a few of the best SD cards for you camera available in 2018.

Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X 

For those who want speed, this is your sd card. It provides up to 300MB in terms of its reading speed and comes with memory capacities up to 128GB. Lexar is known for creating reliable, consistent SD cards and this is their prize model. Perfect for high-speed transfer from the card to your computer, and it has a limited lifetime warranty which is nice.

However, it’s not inexpensive and for amateur photographers may be overkill for your needs. It’s also concerning that Lexar has moved from manufacturing cards itself. But if you are a professional, then this is for you. 

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I

When in doubt, this is probably the sd card for you. Because it offers the best all-round performance, this entry by SanDisk is great thanks to its fast speeds of up to 95MB/s to the enormous capacity of its memory that reaches 512GB. Of course, you can select from less-expensive options, such as the 64GB sd card that is perfect for videography or photography thanks to its fast performance and providing stutter-free video.

At $40 or less, the 64GB option is a bit expensive and a few other sd cards are faster, but none perform all the necessary functions quite like this little gem.

Transcend SDXC UHS-II U3

For those who love shooting excellent video along with raw files, this may be the answer. Offering up to 180MB/s speed and 64GB memory, this is an excellent sd card for your needs. The 64GB is more than enough for short to medium video sessions and the overall quality of the sd card is excellent. It also helps that this sd card is impact, shock, and x-ray proof, providing some comfort for those who are working on-location.

However, many professionals would prefer sd cards that exceeded 64GB, so this is a limitation. Plus, there are faster cards on the market for a similar price. Yet, this sd card by Transcend may be the best combination of features currently available.

And that is a few of the best sd cards on the market for 2018. For those who love shooting video or taking photographs, you cannot go wrong when selecting any of these options.

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