6 Reasons Why Software Isn’t Going To Recover Your Data!

6 Reasons Why Software Isn’t Going To Recover Your Data!

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The experts at Data Recovery 47 Dallas can retrieve the information trapped on your computer, laptop, or device. While data recovery software can work in certain situations, it does not work well against several types of hard drive or hard disk failure. This is because your hard drive can fail at any moment and often without warning and then you will need data recovery

The best advice is to always back up the information on your computers and devices. But relying on data recovery software may not help. That is why the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Dallas are here for you. What follows are six reasons why software will not be able to get back your data on devices that have been compromised or damaged. 

1.Mechanical Failure

Any device with moving parts is bound to break at some point. This includes the hard drive as the disk inside must spin for information to be retrieved. If you see a black screen after the computer boots, there may be something physically wrong with it. That’s where the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Dallas can help. 

2.Power Surge

A power surge can happen at any time and without warning. The result is startup failure, the system not recognizing the hard disk, or the hard drive itself becomes damaged. If rebooting your computer does not clear the issue, then you probably need professional help in recovering your data

3.Human Errors

Even the most careful people may not install OS correctly, make bad modifications in the system registry, or simply make a mistake in the setup that causes a catastrophic failure. When that happens, you can try to reboot your computer and if that does not work, then software recovery systems will probably not work as well. 

4.Corruption of the Files

Just by shutting down the PC the wrong, way, running programs too close together, or the computer getting infected with a virus can cause files to become corrupted. The result is your hard drive shutting down and becoming in accessible. That makes it difficult, if not impossible for standard data recovery software to work in such situations. 

5.Firmware or Manufacturer Flaws

This is a flaw that is present in new computers and devices. So, symptoms such as not booting correctly, or the disk not being recognized are usually immediate. If it’s under warranty, then you can take it back. Otherwise, you will need professional assistance as no data recovery software can help. 


One of the most common ways that computers are damages is a buildup of heat. This is usually due to a malfunctioning fan or clogged vents. Once it gets too hot inside your computer, the hard disk may crack or warp which causes a crash to occur. The good news is that there are warning signs, such as feeling the heat building up or hearing clicking noises from the hard drive itself. Be sure to clear the vents and check to see if the fan is running. 

Backing up your data means that no matter what happens to your computer, laptop, or device, you will still have access to your information. Getting your data back means going to Data Recovery 47 Dallas, so the experts can identify the issue and recover the lost information. 

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