Why Dropping Your External Hard Drive Is Bad

Why Dropping Your External Hard Drive Is Bad

Why Dropping Your External Hard Drive Is Bad

Technology is a gift that did not come with no cost. The sensitivity and vulnerability of these high tech machines and devices is the major cause of spoilage and damage that can at times need data recovery. External hard drives are a systematically coupled storage device which stores information. Although the myth of exposure to physical damage having the effect of virus contamination is quite ridiculous, constant dropping and hard hits of the hard drive can cause significant damage. As Android phones and laptops screen, there will definitely be an effect of constant hard hits suffered by the precious device. 

Consequences of Letting Your External Hard Drive Drop

Like every system is made up of several compartments, believe it or not, so is the external hard drive. The three main compartments of the hard drive include records also called platters, arm known also as the actuator arm and needle which serve as the read or write head. These components are arranged together and placed in an exact position to enable the proper working of the drive software. It’s more like an agreed partnership between the two components of the drive whereby the arrangement of parts of the hardware which facilitates the software stability. 

Once a hard drive is dropped, the misalignment of these parts can occur which will cause damage to files, documents and materials stored and the only way to get your data back is with data recovery. See it as your television, if all the parts are all mingled up together, it is quite impossible to get any view from it. The same way the visual devices are treated with is the same way the storage device is to be kept appropriately. There is a definite chance of distortion and hence malignancies in operations. Files deleting autonomously and the inability of the storage device to appear visible when plugged in. 

These are the major consequences. Still upon the damage being done, one will start researching on ways to fix the problems incurred by carelessness. This is when “instinct” should definitely be IGNORED.

What To Do When Your External Hard Drive Is Dropped

At the sound of the thud reaching the ground and echoing around your office or apartment, the first thing that comes across one’s mind is probably to check how stable the drive is, upon impact. Then, you’d find out about how the connection of the cords remains unstable or some storage files, miraculously disappearing.

 One common wrongly accused suspect is “virus”, which is an indication of a software problem. This is however untrue. But since most individuals are not aware of hardware components vulnerability, they seem to search YouTube to DIY the problem at hand. Do Not Do This. 

Upon connecting the hard drive to a computer and discovering problems in performance, call the attention of an expert to get a diagnosis of the situation. An attempt to self open the casing and check for misalignment might cause a component to go missing and permanently destroy the hard drive, whole. 

In a nutshell, preventing your external hard drive from dropping is the best way to avoid consequences and loss of stored data and files. Foam pouches and careful placement can save a lot of money and tears, especially in the matter of protecting devices and avoiding needing data recovery

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