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Data Recovery Dallas Services

Located in the heart of Big D, we are Data Recovery47, the data recovery Dallas company that provides the best in data retrieval services. Our team of professionals have the knowledge, skill, software, and equipment to recover data, files, documents, images, video, and more from digital drives that have been damaged or compromised. At Data Recovery47, we have a 98% success rate in retrieving trapped data from a wide variety of digital storage units such as computers, laptops, MACs, SD cards, memory cards, Raid, external hard drives, USB, and more. Please call or come by our offices today and we will inspect your device to see if the data is recoverable. If we cannot retrieve the trapped files, we will not charge for our services. While many breakdowns are unexpected, there are times when your drive gives off warning signs that something might be wrong. If you hear unusual noises, such as scratching, scraping, or beeping. Or, if you need to frequently reboot the drive or it demonstrates logical or physical errors and failures, it’s time to give Data Recovery47 a call. By alerting us before it breaks down, we can help save the data before it is too late. We are the data recovery Dallas residents and business owners trust when they need data retrieval services. Our 98% success rate speaks for itself thanks to our professional team of technicians who know how to pull files trapped on compromised or damage digital storage systems. Please call or come by our offices today and our friendly, courteous staff will inform you about our services, answer your questions, and provide the best in data recovery services for a low, affordable price.

Corporate Use

For a large corporation, efficient and professional data restoration is essential for the smooth functionality of your company.

Professional Use

For a small and middle business professional data restoration is essential for the smooth functionality of your company.

Personal Use

Whether you’ve lost your pictures, suffered cell phone damage or experienced a computer crash, DR47 is here to help.

Jeremy Tanenbaum Jeremy Tanenbaum

I run the IT department in my firm and we had a RAID case that was way out of my league .I know a little about recovery but this was a very difficult case.I went to three other places and no one could recover our files, Data Recovery 47 was able to get our data back!

Jeremy Tanenbaum

Sid Schechet Sid Schechet

Freakin amazing - this was exactly what I needed! My hard drive crashed and I lost all my photos. I tried everything and lost hope. But I found out about Data Recovery 47 and they recovered everything. Super easy.

Sid Schechet

Marcy Sweet Marcy Sweet

Losing my data was really scary to me. I was in panic mode and clueless. Data Recovery 47 helped me recover my "lost" data and made me feel more at ease. I was so relieved and happy to find this company.

Marcy Sweet

Jose Saltos Jose Saltos

I had some files deleted from my drive and was really scared as I needed them for a project for work.I called these guys and they got them all back at a decent price, thanks so much!

Jose Saltos

Leonora Bediner leonora

My lap top just crashed over Memorial Day weekend so I looked online and found this company.They did an excellent job of recovering all my data and did it within my budget.Thanks for the awesome job!

Leonora Bediner

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Raid Recovery Dallas Facts.

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